Because you might wonder from which ditch this strange blog crawled out of...

One day I came across some essays I had written in secondary school. It is surprising what kind of stories our mind could sometimes spin, out of a simple title or sentence given by our teacher. Then I realised that I hadn't done that for quite some time.

So I asked my friends for random phrases, hoping that some might jog my brain into action. At least one did, and I had my first "please give me a random phrase" story. Short and simple, but I hope that it will lead to more.

My aim is to write at least one story a month, maybe more if I have enough time and/or inspiration.

So, please give me a random phrase. You can leave it as a comment. I'm afraid that I will be unable to use every phrase given to me, but I'll try my best to do justice to the ones I use!

And lastly, thank you to all those who gave me enough phrases to start this blog. They have not all been used, of course...but I will come back to them for more ideas!

You might wonder why I am asking for phrases, instead of giving myself some. The problem is that if I look for phrases on my own, I am more likely to look for too many phrases, or discard some without thinking them over. With phrases coming from others, however, I am forced to think in this pool of "limited resources" and look for different possibilities coming from each phrase. And to me, this is far more interesting.